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In the second session the United Nations Small Arms Treaty passes. It was obvious that it would, as Media Matters (George Soros) and Oxfam America Org. (Rockefeller Fund) have been silent on the issue for a few months after much promotion.

In the conference, the United States and Israel both agreed “they wished to disassociate themselves from preambular paragraph 11 of the Programme of Action, relating to the right to self-determination of people under foreign occupation”. This of course relates to Gaza and the West Bank as Israel believes  Erez ‘Greater Israel’  belongs to them. It encompasses parts of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria.  

Does the United States fully understand that the American people are also under a ‘foreign occupation” by a corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA located in Washington D.C.? Time to understand what a Letter Rogatory is, and how it can be filed within this corporate country.

It is interesting to note, the “delegations agreed to strengthen the action programme’s implementation at the national, regional and global levels over the period 2012-2018. On follow-up measures, they decided to hold a one-week biennial meeting of States in 2014 and 2016, and a one-week open-ended meeting of governmental experts in 2015 to consider the Programme of Action’s full and effective implementation”. (Underline Emphasis is the author’s) Over the next few years ‘something’ is needed to fully implement this treaty by 2018. Each two years they will meet to see how the treaty has been complied with. This means new statutes in place at the federal level, further restricting the right to keep and bear arms. An assault weapons ban, large capacity magazine ban and stripper clips ban are just around the corner. In the future this will probably begin with more ‘false flag’ operations, stemming, and leading to our own government behind them. More Aurora, Colorado’s, more Sikh Temple type massacres around the country and maybe even an Oklahoma City bombing type event.

Who, besides the government, has access to 5lb. cans of Mercury Fulminate painted O.D. green?

Further documents concerning this treaty can be found here including the UN Programme of Action, International Tracing Instructions, Firearms Protocol, Implementation Plan, the Agenda and much more. Here is their Declaration that was signed by all countries.

The Program of Action, mentioned in the Declaration stressed paragraph 8, 9, 10 and 11.

“8. Reaffirming our respect for and commitment to international law and the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, including the sovereign equality of States, territorial integrity, the peaceful resolution of international disputes, non-intervention and non-interference in the internal affairs of States, “.   Non-intervention and non-interference? How about Syria? NATO is part of the United Nations.

“9. Reaffirming the inherent right to individual or collective self-defence in accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations,”. Collective means the state, in-contrary to our Bill of Rights guaranteed by our government, but ultimately granted by our Creator.

“10. Reaffirming also the right of each State to manufacture, import and retain small arms and light weapons for its self-defence and security needs, as well as for its capacity to participate in peacekeeping operations in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, “. This is just another statement dealing with a ‘collective right’, not an individual right.  The ATF, FBI, Homeland Security, along with all the ‘alphabet’ agencies of the federal and state governments are immune and the tyranny they will accomplish when this treaty is fully implemented staggers the mind. 

“11. Reaffirming the right of self-determination of all peoples, taking into account the particular situation of peoples under colonial or other forms of alien domination or foreign occupation, and recognizing the right of peoples to take legitimate action in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations to realize their inalienable right of self-determination. This shall not be construed as authorizing or encouraging any action that would dismember or impair, totally or in part, the territorial integrity or political unity of sovereign and independent States conducting themselves in compliance with the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples,” This section was examined previously. It is important to point out that the West Bank and Gaza are not recognized as an ‘sovereign and independent States’, therefore they are up for grabs.

Note also at this link, on the left hand side, near the top, International Assistance. This of course is assistance by the U.N. ‘blue helmets’ to enforce this treaty throughout the world.

Here is an interesting link to a planned destruction of ammunition and weapons in the Dominican Republic on Sept. 19th and 20th. Look along the right hand side of the article and you will see it. UPDATED Nov. 1, the link on the Dominican Republic has moved to  HERE under September’s 2012 calendar

As Sun Tzu said. “you must have to paralyze the enemy: you must attack his plans before they can be implemented”.  Continue to stock up on things that will be banned soon.