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Amazing KeysToLiberty is not the only website that has caught on to the passage of the Small Arms Treaty, a little late, but onboard is The Independent Sentinel. They appear to have the same conviction on an Executive Order, but quote an article from the National Rifle Association; a fox in the chicken house, as NRA is a United Nations NGO.
Media Matters (George Soros publication) is constantly attacking the NRA, for all the wrong reasons, see here, here and here. Do a search on google for Media Matters and the NRA. Never much about other pro-gun groups, almost like they are helping to advertise for the NRA. (Do a search Media Matters and GOA) Media Matters is helping to set the battle in the courts to “NRA (U.N. NGO member) vs. treaty”. This is a well planned attack on the ‘right to keep and bear arms’ by the globalists.

KeysToLiberty is not the only website concerned with the American Rifle Association and its NGO status.

Another article that was sent in by a reader concerns the Real Danger of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty is in the Interpretation. The article makes mention of Harold Hongju Koh.  Nice photo of an employee of the United Nations and the U.S. State Department under Hillary Clinton. A legal advisor appointed on June 26, 2009 and still present. Koh also served under President Clinton and Reagan. Koh is almost a permanent bureaucrat around the White House, shifting from Department of Justice to Department of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Ever wonder why unemployment is so high? Koh holds down 3 very high paying jobs, faculty at the United Nations, Dean at Yale Law School and at the Department of State as Legal Adviser.

Back to the ‘Real Danger’ , and yes Koh turned the Declaration of Independence on its head in this article authored by Koh. He quotes a lot of early Supreme Court cases on admiralty law – piracy. None of those cases deal with firearms rights and most of the cases were at a time when a vast majority of the world still had firearms. Koh is trying to sponsor international law over our Constitution. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is restricted from making law, it merely interprets the Constitution as it was originally written, or has in the past.

To show how one-sided Koh’s argument is, here is a case from 1957:
“It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, let alone alien to our Constitutional history and tradition to construe Article VI (the Supremacy Clause) as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement, without observing Constitutional prohibitions.  In effect such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V.” and again the same case:
“The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all branches of the National Government, and they cannot be nullified by the Executive, or by the Executive and the Senate combined.”
These are quotes from — Reid v. Covert, (1957), 354 U.S. 1

It has been a long time since the Supreme Court issued the decision on Reid v. Covert, on a Treaty must comply with the Constitution. All cases can be overturned, See Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1856, upholding slavery. Guess who would represent the case now before the Supreme Court?  Why Harold Hongju Koh of course, or at least as an Amicus curiae (friend of the court).

Koh would already have a Supreme Court Justice on his side.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg who attacked our Constitutional government in Egypt. “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.”

Would you revolt if firearms would suddenly become illegal to own?
There is something you should know about in the U.N. Programme of Action. Post conflict’ is brought up in the document several times. Is it possible they want you to revolt, causing a new civil war in hopes of losing your ‘right to keep and bear arms’ for ever? If that is the case; and it appears likely, then Americans are forced to win at all costs to prevent the government, through the U.N. from permanently disarming the American people.

It has always been the globalists wet-dream to disarm world entirely, particularly America; as we are the last bastian of freedom left. Their New World Order will be totalitarian to the extreme. Life under such a global government would be unbearable for the average American. 

Think hard, and plan well, and quit spending your hard earned money for donations to NRA so they can lose the coming battle.  Use that same hard earned money to prepare for the coming battle for freedom. Remember  the globalists are directing this court battle, setting things in motion.  They know the NRA will compromise, yet again.