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First off, I apologize for my poor use of the English language in the Title; I was stress-out a bit while writing. Which might explain why I can’t get this post published on another website that has more hits. I considered changing the title, but then anyone that pastes and copies it would result in the recipient of that link not find the article. I think I am the first with this information on the web, so it is up to you to send it around. Thank You in advance.

Republican National Convention

Dudley Brown’s e-mail (see Post titled “Troubling Times In America’s Future”) to me proved true. The Republicans have adopted a policy that is anti-gun, limiting gun right activist’s agenda. It didn’t go smoothly as this report reveals. In fact it nearly divided the Republican Party. I am sure that the shouting of ‘U.S.A.’ was a staged event; there is no other explanation as there were just too many people involved, and all supporting Romney. In conclusion you have no one to vote for to stand up for your Natural Rights, guaranteed by the government, in the Bill of Rights, but ultimately granted by our Creator.  Remember Romney passed legislation to ban assault rifles in his state in 2004. 

United Nations Small Arms Treaty Has Returned

Dudley Brown from the National Gun Rights Org., next e-mail was a little harder to confirm. Here it is in pertinent part:
“But the bad news is, the anti-gun gang have already begun their next UN meeting against your gun rights. The UN Programme Against Small Arms began yesterday and is scheduled to run through September 7th at UN Headquarters in New York. And my sources at the UN report countries like Mexico are banging the UN Gun Ban war drums louder than ever. “

Mexico’s problem with firearms started with the Obama Administration  as Fast and Furious.  However this article claims only 8 individuals involved, to hide the fact that the ATF was in charge at the top.  Holder is sitting with key documents and is in contempt.  It wasn’t American’s smuggling firearms into Mexico, it was our own government.

Doing a search for ‘United Nations Small Arms Treaty in session’ resulted with no new results. You have to be much more specific in the search, ‘United Nations Small Arms Treaty in session until September 7, 2012’. The globalists behind this agenda are trying to keep it quiet, until it is a ‘done deal’.

Here are the results from that search. Quoting from the article:

“Mr. Ban told delegates, in a statement delivered by Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, that illicit small arms remain the weapons of choice for those who seek to challenge legitimate State power, to spread fear and insecurity, or to pursue criminal goals.”
Dear Mr. Ban, the right to ‘Keep and Bear Arms’ was to prevent that ‘legitimate State power’ from become tyrannical. Like passing this treaty.  The founders of our Constitution made in clear why Americans have that right. It was never about hunting, it’s purpose was always to defend against tyranny.
Continuing . . .
“There are no quick solutions – it will take a sustained process that requires the commitment of all,” said Mr. Ban. “The full implementation of the Programme of Action is both an urgent priority and a long-term project that will demand perseverance and resolve.”
“Two important sources of growth are increased spending by United States civilians on small arms and their ammunition . . . . . ” Could it be anymore clear!!! This is what the U.N. is saying about the Treaty so regardless of articles that claim your right to keep and bear arms will be preserved after passage, it won’t; it’s a lie. The globalist’s that formed the United Nations can’t have their New World Order until the American’s are disarmed completely.

This further explains why all of the government ammunition (Hollow Point and 50 caliber machine gun ect. ) and explosives purchases of late. They are stock-piling and you are the target. If you resist the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, by either refusing to register your firearms or by direct confiscation, you are resisting and will be shot.   Registration has always led to confiscation, in every instance.  A hard truth for you to fully understand. Once freedom is lost it is hard to regain.

Judge Hard was right, but the civil war is coming regardless of who wins the election. The American people were sold out long ago to the United Nations.
If you are part of that ‘resistance’ you probably still have time to stock up on equipment, field gear, food supplies, and medical supplies until after the election. Neither party wants to be blamed for passing the U.N. Small Arms Treaty before the election. In the mean time continue to prepare and learn survival skills. Run scouting missions in the areas you plan to retreat to, store fuel, and learn to be more observant of your surroundings.


E-mail from Dudley Brown
“The United Nations’ Programme Against Small Arms meeting is in full swing in New York City.

And my sources inside the UN report countries such as Mexico continue pushing for a UN Gun Ban by the close of this year.

Both the “Small Arms Treaty” and the Programme Against Small Arms provide endless ways to accomplish this goal.

As you may remember, heading into the “Small Arms Treaty” Conference last month, anti-gun international bureaucrats were bragging that the conference would craft “the most important initiative ever regarding arms regulation . . .”

But thanks to your sustained grassroots pressure, no treaty was passed, likely because the Obama Administration could not get all the gun controls it wanted.

However, the gun-grabbers are back at it again this week and next, working to put together yet another anti-gun agreement — and this time, such an agreement WOULD NOT require a vote in the U.S. Senate.” dudley.brown@nationalgunrights.org

How I got on Dudley’s list, I am not sure, maybe because of my interest in protecting our ‘right to keep and bear arms’ and articles I have written in the past. I left a link for the e-mail so that you can contact him and asked to put on his list.
As I have always suspected, this is going to be put through as an Executive Order by either Obama or Romney. In similar fashion to Clinton and Agenda 21.
Dudley appears to have inside sources at the U.N., the information that he provides I have tested and found it to be accurate.

2nd Update

Here is a full list of the countries involved in this push Secretary-General Urges Redoubling of Efforts to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Small Arms, Light Weapons I’ll focus on the United States comment, I think you will find it revealing:
” STEVEN COSTNER (United States) encouraged all States to implement the Programme of Action to the fullest extent possible, in particular by building capacity in marking and tracing, while strengthening controls over international transfers. The United States had undertaken such efforts, and had destroyed about 1.6 million surplus, loosely secured or other illicit weapons in several countries since 2001, he said. It had destroyed some 33,000 man-portable air defence systems in 37 countries, and provided assistance by training military personnel. It had also concluded memorandums of understanding with more than 30 Member States to engage in the “e-Trace” programme, and had invited other States to do the same.”

“He went on to say that his country had provided additional assistance through the Export Control and Related Border Security programme, which worked to detect and interdict the illicit transfer of conventional arms, weapons of mass destruction and other materials. There were other areas in which more strengthening was necessary, he said, citing the need for more efficient international coordination and the sharing of best practices. He also highlighted the need to address gender-based violence, in line with Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) and the Programme of Action itself. It was crucial to include a gender perspective, in particular by enhancing the participation of women in the Programme’s implementation, he said. The United States also encouraged fellow donors to work more closely together, and to avoid duplication of efforts in order to make the best use of scarce resources, he said, urging Member States to work towards better coordination with other meetings and programmes.”

More proof of United States troops disarming citizens in other countries.