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Now that the dust has settled from the election (like it would have mattered who won). Let’s start with a recent article and do a bit more in-depth reporting on ‘who is who’ and finish with the latest gun-grab attempts.

Here is a recent article on World Net Daily as an exclusive titled
Obama’s Benghazi Investigator Tied To Libya Bombing It is a good article, worth a read, but as with most articles, fails to follow the ‘actors’ that it mentions.

The first mentioned in the is the International Crisis Group, labeled as having the doctrine that NATO uses, as an excuse to bomb and invade countries in the Middle-East. The doctrine, which NATO uses is called the Responsibility to Protect and here is there latest article on the website. As usual, they are pushing a United Nations ‘global norm’ and by looking at the map on the website you can see their area of interest. One of those is Syria, which is experiencing ‘foreign rebels’ trying to topple the government of Assad, though the people themselves support Assad.

To fully express the United Nations’ involvement in this organization, look no further than The Opening of the 67th United Nations General Assembly statements on September 18, 2012. Note the countries involved with signing this statement and understand that with Obama being re-elected, and his administrations past stance on Syria; war involving NATO countries is just around the corner. Note on the face of their website Syria is in their cross-hairs.

In the past, Soros was exposed as a main trouble maker in Syria through an organization he funds called Avaaz.org. The same can be said of the International Crisis Group, which Soros funds through the Open Society Institute and sits on the organization’s Executive Committee

Also remember that another ‘voice’ of George Soros, Media Matters, has been supporting Obama all along. Romney talked tough on Iran, but Syria is the flash point for the next war, that could easily become the World War that the globalist’s want so badly. That war will drag in Iran, Russia, China and possibly Pakistan; as has been revealed in prior posts.

Another institution prominently displayed in the article at WND is Human Rights Watch. In their video, titled About Us they show propaganda about Syria by using crowds cheering the Syrian government of Assad, rather than against Assad. This is rather obvious after the first minute of this film, as it shows the long banner carried by the Syrian people in the prior video. They are just careful to edit out any depictions of photos in the crowd of Assad. Once again we see George Soros through the Open Society Institute as a major funder of this organization; along with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation which showed in the funding of International Crisis Group as well.

To fully show the Zionist intent of all of these organization, they never shred a tear for the people of Gaza. Not one word against Israel is to be found in any of their literature, and yet the people of Gaza have been impoverish, imprisoned, segregated from the rest of Israel and the world through blockades on medicine, food and fuel at the hands of the Israeli government.

Gun Grabbers

With the election now behind us, and the Obama Administration retaining its office, Obama will be emboldened by the election to continue his agenda on the right to keep and bear arms. An interesting article, fictitious as can be, from Rothschild’s Reuters News organization claimed that after the Obama re-election a new round of talks on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty would begin on March 18th of 2013. The article is fictitious in that the treaty was signed on September 7, 2012 in a secret session beginning on August 29, where U.N. Secretary General Ban Ban made an impressive comment “Two important sources of growth are increased spending by United States civilians on small arms and their ammunition . . . “. How more blatant can it get, this treaty is aimed at Americans. The article on Reuters goes on to state a blatant lie “We will not accept any treaty that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens to bear arms”.
The Reuters’ article never mentions the secret meeting, Rothschild’s news organization is pretending this is new.
Keystoliberty was the first website to post this news, while the others slept with no research into the treaty and its signing. Reuters is now setting the stage for gun confiscation; slowly at first, and announcing the next round of talks 2 years early from the original date of 2014. But what can be expected of Reuters, a completely control news source by the Zionist Rothschild. They basically announced what has already occurred on September 7, of 2012.

Being pre-warned of the United Nations General Assembly would meet and pass the treaty near the election; it didn’t happen, it appears to have to be been put on hold  over hurricane Sandy. Once it has been passed by all the countries in the world, where firearms are not legal to own, it will come before the Senate as a treaty. If they pass it before the new Senate is seated, it will be a lame-duck session of the Senate expected to sign the treaty. If the Senate refuses to pass it, there is nothing to stop Obama from issuing a new Executive Order to enforce it. Please remember, the Senate did not vote for Agenda 21, it became an Executive Order of Bill Clinton.

Another group out to grab firearms is Mayors Against Illegal Guns funded in part  by Mayor Bloomberg of New York.   The following commercial  aired during the election.

Here is a look at this members of this organization. If these mayors are in charge over your city, fight their agenda and send them back to the unemployment line.