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“It is not because part of the government is elective, that makes it less of a despotism, if the persons so elected possess afterwards unlimited powers. Election in this case, becomes separated from representation, and the candidates are candidates for despotism.”

— Thomas Paine

As long as we are under the “emergency war powers act”, as we have been since the civil war, further strengthened under President Roosevelt; Congress decides nothing, the Executive branch asks Congress for legislation and when it is not forth coming enacts it through an Executive Order. This places us under a despotic corporate government that is run by the banks; despotic fascism (corporate police state) is would be an accurate title.

People can sense that there is a problem brewing within the U.S. corporation (not government, let’s tell it like it is). I grocery shop in town once a month, as it is takes a few hours of travel time, but each month I see more and more camouflage vehicles on the road. People are waking up to the fact that a fight for freedom is developing, the theories on the outcome are varying; as are the strategies to surviving what we all face. Here are three recent videos, one of which is a link.

(At the link below, there is a short video, and immediately afterwords a 3 hour video. The first 2 hours are the most important, but if you have the time listen to it in full.)

Here is the Link to the third video by Steve Quayle and Phillip Hoag on the Hagmann Report.

As you already know, from reading my blog, Steve Quayle is right about the United Nations Small Arms Treaty being passed. Thanks to his website, iamthewitness.com, beforeitsnews  and several others, the truth is out there.  

A hard thing to do is to cache your supplies, but think of the weight you will have to lug around without caches in place.  Caches do allow you to move faster, but most people avoid to doing it over worry – hidden good enough, not in eye view and can I find it again  Dehydrating food supplies can help with the weight problems when the SHTF.  I dehydrate vegetables from the garden for that purpose, they also have a longer shelf-life if done properly. 
As  discussed, hunker down at home or in a retreat? WaterBob’s are a relatively inexpensive to store water at around $20.  That could solve one problem with staying at home.  But, when will you know when to leave the house and go into retreat?
Sun Tzu may provide an answer with the use of spies. Using Sun Tzu there are 5 kinds of agents (spies), local, insiders, double agents, expendable agents and returning agents. Spies or agents become your foreknowledge of events and have vital information about your enemy and his movements.  They can provide the key to letting you know when it is time to not be where you are supposed top be (home).  For they let you know when to retreat.

Local agents include politicians, doctors, truck drivers, teachers, bartenders, and even a barber.  They come into contact with lots of people and can report any moves of your enemy or information they receive.

The ‘insider agent’ is recruited from the enemy government officials or perhaps a driver or maid that works for them.  It needs to be someone close to the ‘powers that be’ that hears information and passes it along.

The ‘double agent’ is a person that was once on the enemies side, but has switched sides. The double agent has to make your enemy think he is still loyal to them to operate.  He is the most important, because he knows who is dissatisfied over politics and neglect. The double agent also has knowledge of enemy movements and schedules of security forces.  He is in the position to help other agents escape capture and death with his knowledge.

An ‘expendable agent’ is one that delivers false information or plans to the enemy. The idea is that if your enemy acts on the information of the expendable agent, he will be harmed and the agent killed.

The ‘returning agent’ must be alive to complete the mission, for he is going to report on an ongoing schedule to you on movements he hears of or other information that is vital.
Intelligence gathering is vital in any conflict and good agents deserve to be rewarded. It doesn’t have to be lavish, but some appreciation for their efforts.

In the second video on survivalblog, they are most likely are referring to the continuity of government through ammunition purchases over the past few months. With the end of the governments fiscal year, it will be interesting to see if it continues.