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Scandal at the White House

It is bad enough that vote fraud may have occurred in the last election. It has been reported that Cleveland, Ohio voted 99% in favor of Obama. With some precincts going totally Obama. And again here
Granted there was really no distinct choice this election, something the globalists had planned from the beginning. But, 99% remains unprecedented in politics. Oddly enough Ohio is not one of the states, where citizen petitions are being collected to secede from the U.S.

Not even a week into his second term and a new scandal erupts over David Petraus. Was this a set-up? It appears that it maybe exactly that.

This involves an affair between General David Petraus, who resigned as head of the CIA, and Paula Broadwell, whose maiden name appears to be Jewish, Paula Kranz, or this website claims that she is Jewish. Even Paula’s father, Paul Kranz believes the incident is part of a bigger scandal.
Prior to the election, Paula Broadwell made a speech at the University of Denver, exposing a CIA prison in Benghaziclaiming that was the real reason for the attack on the embassy.  Sounds like Paula Broadwell should also resign over giving ‘top’ secrets away.  The CIA now denies the prison existed, but Paula’s source might have been David Petraus, in between romps in the sheets. Denials from CIA are quite common, they seem to know nothing of Air America drug smuggling in Viet Nam, Bush Sr.’s drug smuggling operations from the Gulf of Mexico oil platforms, or Mena, Arkansas.

In the past General Petraus, has commented on Israel in e-mails, blaming favouritism by the United States in that region, as being a problem. The New Statesman revealed one of those past e-mails. “The [Israel-Palestine] conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to the perception of US favouritism for Israel. Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of US partnerships with governments and peoples in AOR [Centcom’s Area of Responsibility] and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world.” Even when the United States signed the most recent United Nations Small Arms Treaty agreements on September 7, 2012 the favouritism is still revealed. “Representatives of Israel and the United States said they wished to disassociate themselves from preambular paragraph 11 of the Programme of Action, relating to the right to self-determination of people under foreign occupation.” What is paragraph 11?

“Reaffirming the right of self-determination of all peoples, taking into account the particular situation of peoples under colonial or other forms of alien domination or foreign occupation, and recognizing the right of peoples to take legitimate action in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations to realize their inalienable right of self-determination. This shall not be construed as authorizing or encouraging any action that would dismember or impair, totally or in part, the territorial integrity or political unity of sovereign and independent States conducting themselves in compliance with the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples. ”

It basically grants Israel the right to continue invading into Gaza, the West Bank or other areas that Israel wishes to claim. Those include a term known as Erez or Greater Israel which encompasses parts of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria. Under these conditions it is just fine for Israel to continue the genocide on the Palestinian people. It should be noted as well that the United States is continuing to not accept a Palestinian State making the likely hood of further wars in the area. It is no accident that Israel does not define its border.

Granted, adultery is a crime, it takes the meaning out of any relationship and Petraus deserved to turn in his resignation. But imagine if you will 1) Petraus, head of the CIA – head of a spy agency, with an un-secure connection to the internet; and 2) so improper of a connection that the FBI can hack e-mails. Granted the government hacks into all of our person e-mails through back-doors in ‘Windows’ or snatches the information through the air on wireless internet. As William Cooper always said, ‘the web is a spider’s web’. One would think that Petraus would know how to prevent this from happening.

Of special interest is who will replace David Petraus as head of the spy agency. According to this website none other than Zionist, Jew, Ex- Congresswoman Jane Harman.  Who has been endorsed to fill the spot by Wolf Blitzer and Fran Townsend on CNN. “Jane Harman, a former Democratic member of Congress and on the House Intelligence Committee, beloved both at Langley and respected on the Hill, would do well sort of in the tradition of Leon Panetta, now the Defense secretary.” He continues “She’d be great”.

Jon Stewart explains this scandal on the Daily Show but what Jon misses is the involvement of a bribe

Was this all a set-up to replace Petraus with someone more friendly to Israel? It most certainly was if Jane Harman is picked. Afterall, Harman tries to help Israeli spies, associated with AIPAC.

Jane Harman is also heavily involved in the propaganda rags Newsweek and The Daily Beast. She is even reputed to be the owner, since her husbands death.
Jane Harman would like to separate Iran, and would no doubt continue espionage against that country.  Here she is before her favorite spy agency AIPAC .

In this article by Counterpunch is revealed that she is politically compromised by her support of Israel. Also mentioned in the article is Haim Saban exposed here earlier as a contributor to the Brookings Institute (See Exposing U.N. Embassador Susan Rice).

In conclusion, Harman as head of the CIA would greatly increase the risk of World War III resulting in more American blood for Israel.